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Sika MonoTop R - Polymer modified cementitious hand placed / wet spray repair mortar


Sika MonoTop® R is a one part, thixotropic, polymer modified, cementitious mortar containing silica fume.

Sika MonoTop® R cures to produce a high strength mortar with enhanced polymeric properties.

Sika MonoTop® R exhibits high bond strength, greatly reduced water and carbon dioxide permeability and improved resistance to oils and chemicals.


  • Fast repairs to horizontal or vertical concrete or mortar surfaces above and below ground level
  • Filling/repair mortar for voids, honeycombed areas, etc.
  • Repair of spalled concrete caused by reinforcement corrosion
  • Spray applied repairs
  • Repairs with improved resistance to oils, sewage, chemicals, etc.


  • Fast and easy to apply in layers up to 20 mm thick
  • 1-part system requiring only addition of clean water
  • Compatible with the thermal expansion properties of concrete
  • Chloride free
  • Non-corrosive to reinforcing steel
  • Non-toxic, suitable for potable water
  • Contains fibres to prevent micro cracking
  • Non-shrink
  • Excellent freeze / thaw resistance
  • Good resistance to water immersion


Appearance / Colour:  Concrete grey powder
Packaging:                25 kg bags

Storage Conditions / Shelf Life
6 months from the date of production if stored properly in original, unopened and undamaged sealed packaging in dry conditions. Keep away from direct sunlight.


Density Freshly mixed mortar ~ 2.0 kg/ltr
Layer Thickness 20 mm max. (vertical application) / 3 mm min.
Water Absorption < 3% (at 30 mm)   (BS 1881: Part 122)


1 day > 15.0 N/mm2 (+25°C)
28 days > 50.0 N/mm2 (+25°C)

Bond Strength on Concrete > 1.5 N/mm2 (with bonding bridge)
Modulus of Elasticity < 20,000 N/mm2
System Information - System Structure

Sika MonoTop® System comprises:

  • Sika MonoTop®-610 MY bonding bridge and reinforcement protection
  • Sika MonoTop®-615 SD or Sika MonoTop® R hand and wet spray applied repair mortar
  • Sika MonoTop®-620 MY pore sealer / fairing coat

CONSUMPTION ~ 71 bags per m3
                            1 bag yields ~ 14 litres of mortar


Substrate Quality Concrete
All concrete and mortar substrates must be structurally sound, laitance free, clean and free from dirt, oil, grease or other surface contaminants. All loose or friable particles must be removed.

Steel reinforcements
Steel reinforcement surfaces must be clean from rust, oil, grease or any other loosely adhering particles to provide a rust free surface.

Substrate Preparation / Priming
For large concrete areas, grit or grit-water blasting, scarifying or scabbling is recommended. For small areas and “spot” repairs, needle gunning or scabbling is effective. The prepared substrate should be thoroughly soaked with clean water until uniformly saturated but with no standing surface water. This condition is referred to as saturated surface dry (SSD) and care should be taken to remove any cement slurry or dust produced during surface preparation. The use of a “fan” shaped water jet is ideal.

Steel reinforcement
Surfaces should be prepared using approved abrasive blast cleaning techniques
e.g. wire-brushed or water / grit blasted and primed with 2 coats of Sika MonoTop®-610 MY (refer to Sika MonoTop®-610 MY data sheet).


Application Conditions / Limitations
Application Temperature +6°C min. / +40°C max.

Application Instructions
Mixing Ratio Hand application
Approximately 3.4 – 3.5 litres of clean water per 25 kg bag as per required consistency.

Wet spray application
3.4 – 4.5 litres of clean water per 25 kg bag.
Mixing Sika MonoTop® R should be mechanically mixed in a clean drum using a drill and paddle. A normal concrete mixer is not suitable.
Pour the mixing water into a clean drum. While stirring slowly, add Sika MonoTop® R to the water. Mix for a minimum 3 minutes to ensure that the components are thoroughly blended and at a maximum speed of 500 rpm to minimise air entrainment. Mix only what you require taking into consideration the pot life of the material.

Application Method / Tools
Hand application
Work “wet on wet” the mixed mortar well into the substrate, using a placing rather than a rendering technique to fill all pores and voids. Compact well. Force material
against the edge of the repair, working towards the centre.
For repairs in excess of 20 mm deep, apply in layers and form keys for the subsequent layers. If previous layers are over 48 hours old, needle gun the surface and dampen before applying the next layer. Steel trowel the final coat if required.
The Sika MonoTop® R and surrounding areas can be further treated with SikaTop® Seal-107 or Sika MonoTop®-620 MY to provide a water and carbonation resistant

Sprayed application
The repair mortar shall be placed onto the pre-wetted substrate between the minimum and maximum layer thicknesses without the formation of voids and loose
rebound material. Where layers are to be built up to prevent sagging or slumping, each layer should be allowed to stiffen before applying subsequent layers “wet on
wet”. When layers cannot be applied “wet on wet”, or if more than 24 hours between layers apply, apply a bonding primer of Sika® MonoTop-610 MY or SikaTop®
Armatec-110 EpoCem® and apply repair mortar “wet on wet”.

Finishing for both hand and spray applications should be done to the required surface texture as soon as the mortar has started to stiffen.
Cleaning of Tools Clean all tools and application equipment with water immediately after use.
Hardened and/or cured material can only be mechanically removed.

Pot Life ~ 20 minutes (+30°C)

Notes on Application / Limitations
Repairs with Sika® MonoTop® System cannot bridge live cracks or moving joints, etc.
Repairs in excess of 20 mm must be layered.
Sika MonoTop® mortars that are wetted during the initial cure period may produce a white “bloom” on the surface which does not affect the long term properties of the

Curing Details

To achieve the full potential of any cement based products, curing is essential. This can be carried out with the application of a curing compound such as Antisol® E or
with other curing practices such as covering with polythene sheets or damp hessian for 3 days.

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