TouchStone LASTIC UT 1006

TOUCHSTONE LASTIC UT-1006 is a water based one part elastomeric liquid waterproofing emulsion. It is flexible, high tensile strength and designed as exposed waterproofing coating.

Surface Preparation New concrete should be cured for at least 28 days .The area to becoated has to be clean, dry and free from oil,grease and dust. All contamination that could interfere with the adhesion of the coating has to be removed.Leaks and water infiltrations must be eliminated.Remove free-standing water, repair excessive cracks and resurface exposed aggregate and small voids with a suitable high-strength, fast curing, nonshrinking product. Mixing Prior to application, stir TOUCHSTONE LASTIC UT-1006 thoroughly for 1 minute in order to achieve a homogeneous mixture.Over mixing must be avoided to minimise air entrainment. Application 1. Apply latex primer UT-202 for basecoat to enhance the adhesion strength. 2. Apply 2 neat topcoats of TS-1006 

Published : 6-Feb-2020

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