Boscoflex - Flexible Polymer Cementitious Waterproofing Coating
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Brand: Bostik
Product Code: Boscoflex - flexible cementitious waterproofing coating
Weight: 30.00kg
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BOSCOFLEX - Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing Coating


Boscoflex is a two-component, flexible polymer modified cementitious waterproofing coating that is mixed on site and resurfaced on concrete and other construction materials to be waterproofed. Boscoflex has excellent weathering resistance and crack bridging property.


• Water Tank, Waste water treatment plants.

• Bathrooms, Balconies, Terraces.

• Swimming pools and pool decks.

• Water Features and Ponds.

• Retaining walls, Planter Boxes, RC gutters.

• On external environmental deck.

• In between of under floor toppings.


• Flexible and accommodate movements.

• Good crack bridging capability.

• Good adhesion to sound substrates.

• Applicable to damp substrates.

• Hard and abrasion resistant.

• Can be painted over with elastic paint.

• Can be tiled over successfully.

• Non-toxic.

Typical properties conducted at 23 C and 50% RH


 Grey Powder White Milky Liquid




 Selected fine silica


 Acrylic polymer

 Tensile Strength

 > 1.5 N/mm

 Adhesion to concrete

 > 0.8 N/mm

 Elongation at break

 > 150%

 Crack Bridging

 No cracking at 2mm width

 Hardness Shoe A

 > 70

 Resistance to Water Penetration

 No penetration at 0.2 kgf/cm for 6 hours


 Non toxic

 Pot Life

 30 mins

 Set to Touch 20⁰

 Within 2 hours

 Final Set 20⁰C

 24 hours



Surface Preparation

All substrates shall be sound and clean free from dust, excess mortar, oil or other loose particles.

Cracks or honeycombs shall be repaired using suitable cement mortar.


Over excessively dry substrate, keep the substrate continuously moist before work begins. Remove all excess water or standing water, allowing the surface to become almost dry to provide an SSD (saturated surface dry) condition before installing the waterproofing coating.


For over excessively dry and porous substrate, prime the entire surface with Bostik Multiprime prior application of the waterproofing coating with the rate of 5m per liter depending of the substrate condition.


Mixing ratio of 2 parts powder to 1 part of liquid by weight.

Mix in a clean container by slowly adding the Powder component to the liquid component whilst stirring using a slow speed heavy-duty electric mixer with a suitable paddle.

Mix until homogeneous slurry is obtained and make sure that no unmixed powder is left at the bottom of the container. Small amounts may be hand-mixed separately.


The mixed Boscoflex can be applied onto the prepared substrate using a bristle brush or roller, place the material well into the surface to achieve full bond.

The application of Boscoflex waterproofing coating shall be done in a minimum of two (2) coats, the first coat in one direction and the second coat in a direction perpendicular to the first coat. Apply the subsequent coats after 2-4 hours curing of the previous coat.

Minimum 2 coats at approximately 1.0kg/m per coat.

For areas subject to high water infiltration, apply a third coat at 1.0kg/m .

Allow at least 24 hours curing of the finished coat (subject to

23 C and 50% relative humidity) before laying screed or tiling. Water test can be conducted after the same duration.


Special curing methods are generally not required but some precautions should be taken from rapid drying for application directly under sunlight and windy conditions. Curing of Boscoflex shall be at least 24 hours before trafficking, to yield optimum strength.


All tools, equipments and surrounding areas can be cleaned with clean water before the product sets.

Hardened material has to be mechanically removed.


Boscoflex is packed in 30 kgs set.

Part A: White liquid; 10kgs

Part B: Grey Powder; 20kgs


1. Ground moisture - 2kg/m ; 2 coats at 1.0kg/m /coat.

2. Hydrostatic Pressure - 3kg/m ; 3 coats at 1.0kg/m /coat.

Note: Do not apply more than 2kg/m of Boscoflex in a single layer.


Boscoflex has a shelf life at least 12 months.

Store all materials in a cool dry place, in an elevated condition.


Suitable protection clothing, dust masks, gloves and eye protection should be worn. Continual or extended contact with cement products can cause skin irritation. If skin irritation occurs, flush skin with water for a minimum of 15 minutes. If irritation still persist, consult medical advises

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