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QL-No 3 Waterproof Coating is a colorless, transparent, weather, environmental-friendly and water-resistant product. It is made up of a new type of high molecular weight polymers with a variety of variety of auxiliary agents from the curing agent


1. Colorless and transparent, it will not damage the original wall decoration and tiles after applying.

2. High and low temperature resistant, non-toxic, environment-friendly and water resistant.

3. Good strength and extensibility

4. Ease of use and can be directly sprayed, painted, brushed, and scraped on wall and tiles surfaces.

5. Especially suitable apply to toilet leaking problem.


Application Range:

1. Excellent for leakage repair of exterior tiles, bathroom tiles, and tiles floors of various buildings without destroying the original tiles.

2. Ideal for waterproofing and moisture-proofing of surfaces and joints of various interior and exterior wall decorations.

3. Act as a protective layer of various waterproof and coated surfaces (such as bridges, swimming pools, landscapes, construction machinery, foam plastic).



Weight: 1KG

Colour: Transparent


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