Bostik RC2
Bostik RC2

Brand: Bostik
Product Code: Ultracote RC2
Weight: 26.50kg
Price: RM 280.00

Ultracote RC2


Ultracote RC2 is an acrylic, flexible waterproofing coating that cures into a tough elastic waterproofing film.


· Designed as waterproofing membrane to :

-  Flat and pitched roof for residential and commercial structures

- Terminate aroung pipes, conduits, and for contimuity of sheet membranes onto parapet walls tec.

· Designed to prevent water seepage on :

- External Walls

- Metal roof & gutters

- Roof Tiles

· As reflective top coat on compatible exposed roofing materials

·For old and new structures and Re-roofing.

Feature and Benefits

Water based environmentally friendly

Ability to bridge cracks

Can be tiled over successfully

Protect concrete against carbonation and attack from pollutants

Foot trafficable

Compatible with most materials like bitumen and polyurethane products

Prevent corrosion of metals

Withstand strong ultraviolet rays

Remains flexible over wi

de range of substrates

Substrate Types:

Bonds well to :


Cement sand backings





Packaging : 20 litres pail

Published : 26-Feb-2019

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