Repairing the silicone on building windows and panels is crucial for several reasons:
1. *Weatherproofing*: Silicone acts as a sealant, preventing water, air, and other elements from entering the building. Damaged or deteriorated silicone can lead to leaks and drafts, compromising the building's interior.
2. *Energy Efficiency*: Properly sealed windows and panels help maintain the building's insulation. If the silicone is damaged, it can result in heat loss during winter and increased cooling costs in summer.
3. *Structural Integrity*: Silicone helps to hold the windows and panels in place. If it deteriorates, it can affect the stability and safety of the structure.
4. *Aesthetic Appeal*: Cracked or discolored silicone can affect the building's appearance, making it look poorly maintained.
5. *Preventing Further Damage*: Timely repairs can prevent small issues from becoming major problems, saving on more costly repairs in the future.


Asia Seal Engineering Sdn. Bhd. Waterproofing Specialist Malaysia is a team of professional waterproofing system specialist and consultants Malaysia.

As a specialist for waterproofing systems, we offer the most extensive and efficient waterproofing system installation and repairs for the protection of buildings from water. We have an experience team to install waterproofing, maintain and repair water seepages or leaking problem in a building.

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